Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Morning 'Lights?--A Little Late

Thanks to the fact that I was not home most of the weekend and I am dysfunctional and totally dependent on my husband in knowing how to get the pictures from the camera to the computer, I'm a couple of days late on my recap of last week. But, it was a pretty good week, so late is okay!

1. I guess we ate some chocolate at one point (or ten). See? I would forget such important things as eating chocolate if not for Sadie's face to remind me.

2. We had a really fun night at the library. It was Furry Friends Night, and the girls each took a stuffed animal to the library. They chose Monkalicious and Little Pig. The animals got to have a slumber party that night at the library and were picked up the next morning. I heard they did exciting things like learn about the Dewey Decimal System at midnight.

Abigail and Monkalicious listen to Miss Alissa read "Puff, the Magic Dragon."

3. We visited our sweet friend Kylene and her new baby. Oh, and ate at Culvers. No picture, but worth mentioning.

Sadie plays "This Little Piggy" with baby's toes.

4. They had outdoor fun with Papa. We had planned to leave the girls with my mom and dad for the weekend while we were at a conference, but Memaw got sick, so we sequestered her to a corner room and spent some fun in the sun with Papa and his garden.

5. Oh, and Abigail made a summer bucket list. We had better get busy.

Paul is on vacation from work this week, so I think we will have some day trips and maybe even an overnighter somewhere fun! Looking forward to next week's pictures!

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Lindsay said...

I'm super-slacking on this!! I apologize. And this Friday night is Megger's wedding, so I doubt I'll get to it this weekend, either. I think I'll do a huge catch-up post for Thursday.

Thursday Night Lights? Not quite the same ring to it, huh?