Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Mother's Thoughts

These are random thoughts that cross a Mom's mind at any given point during the day. Trust me, I bet any mom who reads this has thought these things, too.....

If I have to wipe her nose one more me, sweetie, it's no picnic for me, either. (as she screams bloody murder)

That's weird. I don't remember feeding her corn. (guess what I was doing when I had this thought)

I guess them being sick isn't too bad. At least they cuddle more.

If I could nap....or be by myself....for 45 minutes....

I totally overreacted on that one. I wonder if she will remember that when she's 40.

Why is it that her dad and I have taught her everything she knows for the first four and a half years, but school gets all the credit?

Why is it when I ask specific questions about her morning at school, I get vague, general answers, but when her Papa asks her what she learned, he gets a five-minute dissertation on how ladybugs hibernate during the winter?

How is is possible that she hated that food two days ago, and now loves it? Or that she loved that food two days ago, and now won't take a bite of it?

How do you get through motherhood and still refrain from becoming addicted to caffeine?

Will my living room ever look the same again?

How can I stop time? I'm not sure I can take one more birthday.

There are some things I would never buy my daughters, but I know they will receive them anyway....Polly Pockets, Barbie accessories (namely, shoes and earrings), Littlest Pet Shop, anything that makes noise.

Whoever thought up a nasal aspirator had a good heart and intentions, but was pretty brainless when it comes to an 11-month-old.

Thank you, God, for fresh starts. Because sometimes Mama needs them as much as a five-year-old.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Blogless in Seattle

Oh, hey. I just remembered I have a blog. I guess I should be like most bloggers and tell you all about our holidays, but....meh. They were good.

Hey, how about a list of things lately?

1. My husband broke his hand playing football. Now, you can imagine the reason I'm so sad about this is because HE WON'T BE PLAYING FOOTBALL. Yes, I'm heartbroken. He's been playing with a group of guys on Saturday mornings for years. I guess it was just a matter of time. Oh, he will try to act all bummed and put out over it, but don't think he didn't get that cd of x-rays in his hot little bandaged hand and post those pictures on facebook STAT. Priorities, people.

Honestly, I just like to picture him pounding the pulpit with a cast.

2. I've been babysitting two kids in addition to my two, so yes, your math is correct, I am caring for four. Only twice a week, so it's definitely doable. The boy is Abigail's age, and the girl is also named Sadie and born one week before my Sadie. So I basically have twins with the same name. Except my Sadie is still bald as an eagle, and the other Sadie has thick, black pigtails. PIGTAILS. I do think I've seen my Sadie trying to touch them longingly.

3. I began organizing our tax things last night. Just began to, so don't praise me or anything. It is annually my job to do all of the organizing ahead and Paul's job to actually do the taxes. I think my job is harder. In some strange way, though, I kind of like the organizing part. It feels good. But every year, I think I am going to stay on top of it all year through and not put it off until January. But then I do. Put it off til January, that is.

4. Sadie is learning all sorts of things lately. She is SO close to standing on her own without hanging on to anything. She cruises everywhere around the room. She points to her tongue, nose, eyes, hair, and ears (though her favorite is definitely her tongue). She tries to say "Abigail" but it usually sounds like "A-gah" or "A-bi". She makes me melt all the time....except for last night when she decided midnight to 2:30 a.m. was party time. The only thing melting then were my dreams of getting a full night of sleep.

5. We have a chili cook-off coming up at my church, which I am super excited about. I love chili cook-offs because NO ONE makes chili the same. Which leads me to ask, how do you make yours? Beany? Soupy? Thick? Spicy? Sweet? With spaghetti?

That is all. Hugs.