Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I didn't really PLAN for my blog to get this far behind. I find I go in cycles with the whole writing thing. Sometimes I find it very fun, thoughtful, or therapeutic. Often, I find that whatever I want to say that is remotely blog-worthy can best be summed up in a two-sentence facebook status update.

So, I will just do a little catch-up post through the rest of our summer. Ah, summer, it feels like you were just here yesterday. Oh yeah, except for the fact it will be 1,000 degrees tomorrow.

Most of the rest of summer for our clan was pretty laid back. We swam. We stayed in the a/c a lot. We did fulfill almost all of Abigail's summer bucket list (except maybe for the late-night scavenger hunt). We made Ziploc ice cream, which was delicious. We took a few days right at the end to have lunch with my brother in Indy, visit our dear Jones' in Muncie, and stay at Paul's brother's house in Ft. Wayne. The last one was on Abigail's bucket list, so check. While in Muncie, we even rode a horse. Not on the bucket list, but totally should have been.

We are now full-swing into the second full week of kindergarten for Abigail. She loves it, and I have adjusted well, I think. That first week of dropping off was a doozy. I always would be fine once I was home and into my day. Just the dropping off broke my heart into a million pieces. Seeing her walk into that big school....and it's not that big a school. But I know she is doing well and having a great time with her friends. As of now, I still enjoy making her lunches and putting little notes in them to tell her how much I love her. Ask me in January if I am still loving lunches and consistently putting love notes in....

I also have to get used to Sadie and me going places by ourselves. The first couple of times, I had to remind myself I did not leave Abigail at home by herself. But Sadie and I are enjoying the one-on-one time....something Abigail got A LOT of before little sis came along, so now it's Sadie's turn.

So, all is well, and we haven't disappeared! I have just been a boring little blogger. Maybe I will get back on track now that I have quiet afternoon naps in the house again....maybe.