Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friday Night 'Lights--6/10/11

Week 2 of summer highlights....feel free to check out my friend Lindsay's blog!

Summer got it's "official" kick-off this week as we started our Moms and Kids weekly fun. This is something we have done the last few years with ladies from our church...swimming on Tuesdays and McDonald's Playplace on Thursdays.

Aside: One little tip about me. I'm a true...what's the word?....wet blanket when it comes to swimming. I prefer it to be about 90+ degrees, and the water to be about 84. I know and believe in the necessity of sunscreen, but bemoan the application therein. I hate....hate....being splashed in the face. Not because of hair or make-up or anything like that. I just truly hate the feeling of water smacking me in the face. And it annoys me that you cannot just GO swimming. You have to get the cover-ups and the snacks and the ice water and the sunscreen and the floaties and the towels and the hats to cover bald baby heads. And the kids. Don't forget the kids. So yeah, I would say swimming is a weekly sacrifice of love for my kids in the summer. Why? Because THEY LOVE IT.

Sadie discovered her glamorous life.

And blew kisses at Daddy while he mowed.

They splashed in the ISU fountain while Mommy took pictures. It was SO fun!

Oh, and Abigail officially became a Princess this week, thanks to the county fair. She and her buddy Liane waved and blew kisses like pros.

I truly delighted in my daughters this week. Seriously, so many times I just looked at them and felt all googly-eyed and butterflies in my stomach and I'm crazy about them. That is a feeling that can really carry a Mama through a few days.

So, maybe I fell really....really behind on my laundry this week. But I fell totally in love with my family.


hapi said...

Hi Amy, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

Lindsay said...

Let the laundry lay...these precious moments are so worth it! You had every reason in the world to be all googly eyed this week, my friend. Your girls, your whole family, is just gorgeous! :)