Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Night 'Lights--6/17/11

Well, hello. Has it been another week already? Besides our one big event yesterday, I'm going to have to think this one through. Ever try to remember what you ate for dinner last night, but have no clue whatsoever? That is kind of the blank I'm drawing this week.

Think, think, think.

1. Last weekend, Sadie had a 3-day fever. A trip to the doctor said it was probably just a little virus, and now she is all better. But this was one poor baby for a while.
(I had a picture of her looking pathetic on the couch, but couldn't find it. So, this was mid-fever, trying to get some fresh air outside.)

2. I found my inner Susie Homemaker. I do this every once in a while...find recipes and crafts and ideas that inspire me. I stumbled upon some really cool blogs this week, and it has boosted my desire to make home a little homier. Homey. Word.
I've made frozen banana pops with melted peanut butter chocolate. And some amazing spaghetti sauce. And pureed and froze my first zucchini of the season, for when the time is right.

3. I weaned Sadie. :( She will be 16 months next week, so I would say we had a good run. I would have been happy to keep going, but I needed to start on some medication to help my rosacea on my face, and I could not take it while nursing. It better be some effective medicine, because once you close that chapter of babyhood, you can't get it back. I have loved being able to feed both of my girls. Sadie occasionally points to her mouth and says, "Eeeh?" and then does the signs for "More, please." And I pretty much want to cry.
We will be okay. I just remind myself that we had to end eventually and pray my face clears up in about 5.7 seconds.

4. Aaaaaaand, we went to Holiday World!!! It was the second time for Paul, the first for all of us girls. We had a wonderful time and it was pretty perfect weather. Paul entered a bunch of contests, determined to get free tickets for our family, and he did!! He and I would love to go back sometime when we can ride all of the big, scary rides. But for yesterday, the carousel was perfect.

5. This was still from Holiday World, but may sincerely be one of my favorite pictures we have. Some day I will show this to them when Sadie steals some of Abigail's clothes without asking.

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Lindsay said...

I love these 'lights!! :)

"it has boosted my desire to make home a little homier. Homey. Word."

That literally made me laugh out loud and nearly spit out my Lucky Charms. I could just hear you saying it, and it was awesome. :)

I'm so glad Sadie is feeling better, and I'm thrilled that you all got some fun family time at Holiday World. I agree...that picture of your precious girls is one for the ages. :)

And for breastfeeding: 16 months is an incredible achievement. :) You should be very proud and pleased. Sadie will get used to it quickly enough, and I hope you get some relief from the Rosacea soon!

Thank you so much for doing this with me!! I really enjoy it! :)