Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Sometimes you just have to write a blog for posterity, so you don't forget. And for posterity's sake, I would like to remember that my daughter, Sadie, is a flat-out Stinker.

She has become very independent lately, and is definitely in the stage of wanting to do things herself. She steals the fork and spoon from my hand and will not give it back, no matter how messy the result. She arches her back in protest when it is time to get into her carseat. And if there is anything in general she does not want to do, she immediately crumples into a ball on the floor.

For about a month, she has fought diaper changes by me like crazy. She screams. She cries. She rolls over and puts her little booty up in the air. She crawls away from me. And she is learning that there are consequences for the way she is choosing to act.

But then there is the EASY way. You know what that is? Let Abigail do it.

If we say, "Sadie, do you want Sissy to change your diaper?" she immediately falls down on the floor and throws her little legs up in the air. She grins through the entire diaper change. And Abigail REVELS in the Big Girl-ness of it all. Tonight, Sadie squealed in protest when Paul told her it was time for diaper change and jammies. But then he asked if Abigail could do it, and Sadie squealed in delight.

Abigail did the job, multiple times today, like the little mama that she is, with such pride. Sadie grinned the whole time, either telling us she loves her Sissy, or telling us she is a 15-month-old Stinker. I vote for the latter.

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