Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Google Images Gets It Right

So, we had our 36 week checkup yesterday with our new doctor. He will be doing our delivery, and I liked him a lot. I felt very comfortable with him, and he seemed to be really attentive to our concerns (not like we really have "concerns" other than "how many more nights of zero sleep and getting up to pee three times on average do we have?").

Oh, and for you LOST fans, he pretty much looks just like this guy:

Which could be pretty cool, or kind of intimidating when you consider the fertility issues of the women on the island. But I digress....

And this is pretty much what it feels like this kiddo has been doing inside of me for the last week or so. I like to call it the "corkscrew".

It feels, um, great.

And this is what I am supposed to do this weekend, with current standing at 2-3 cm dilated and 50% effaced:

Except my dress is MUCH prettier. But I may look as wide as the hoop in that bride's wedding dress. I do kind of dig the hats, though. Sometimes the 80s just got it right.

So, there you are with my week in descriptive pictures. If you are reading this on Facebook, you have to click on my blog to see the pictures, because FB doesn't show them in a note, and they are truly priceless. And accurate.


Stacey said...

You will need to post a pic of you in your bridesmaid's dress! :) Seriously, I hope that you will be as comfortable as possible for these next few weeks! It is getting soooo close.

Anonymous said...

I mean....Hilllllllarious!!!! Praying for you!!

Anonymous said...

If you wanted a jaunty hat for the wedding... all you had to do was ask! Hoping you feel good for the rest of this pregnancy! ~Alison