Friday, January 29, 2010

Once When We Were New

We have been spending the better part of the last hour watching old videos of Abigail ages one to two. It has been really fun to take this stroll through memories of our old home, our baby who stayed in flannel sleepers all day, and who pretty much spoke in baby signs. It makes me realize a few things about memories with "The First Child."

1. New parents are slightly obsessive. We have videos of every grunt, smile, wave of her hand...anything that we thought was cute and worth taping (which apparently was EVERYTHING).

2. New parents think their kids are geniuses. We were so impressed with everything she did, assuming she must have had the highest IQ ever of a child that age. I say that now as I look at my four-year-old spinning around the living room in her princess underwear with a blanket over her head. Okay, okay, we still think she's pretty smart.

3. New parents talk to their babies constantly. I have all of these videos of just me and her, sitting on the kitchen floor, talking. Well, I was doing 99.8% of the talking. She was either doing signs, swaying to music, or waving her hands. I'm kind of amazed that I had so much to say to someone who couldn't converse yet. Note: This was also before I joined Facebook. I'm just sayin'.

4. New parents are not so concerned with the toys their children have. Abigail had a very small amount of toys, and we didn't really spend money on them. We gave her measuring spoons and lids to McDonald's cups. It all entertained her, and whatever didn't was just filled in by us spending oodles of time with her.

It was pretty amazing being a brand-new parent. I look forward to the feeling of having another little one in the house. Maybe to obsess over....but maybe not in the same way. Because there is nothing like that first one coming to your house. I watch these videos and cannot imagine singing that many songs, talking that non-stop, making videos of every single moment. Then again, maybe we will. Maybe we will get a new shot of energy (you know, after the first year of sleeplessness). I can't wait.


amypfan said...

I had a very similar experience when looking at old pictures last week. I'm hoping I've got some energy left for #3--I certainly don't feel like it right now!!

Hua said...

This is a great post. I'm glad you were able to take a trip down memory lane and relive Abigail's first year.

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