Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things I am Looking Forward To

I think it is a nice thing to have plans in your schedule that you are looking forward to. When there are so many things that get mundane, like doing laundry or paying bills, it is exciting to have little breaks in your future weeks and months that give you something to circle on your calendar. Here are a few of mine:

1. Paul's birthday. He will be the big 3-1 on August 8th. And, I forgot to mention to you all that a story I submitted to Homelife magazine has been accepted for publication sometime next year (possibly March or May). They are sending me $75 and I am super excited. I think I may use some of this money to take my honey out to a nice dinner for his birthday. Or we may renew our license plates. Which is no fun at all, but you know, kind of a legal matter.

2. Bachelorette weekend. I have two best friends from high school who I still keep in touch with regularly. One of them is my friend, Alison, who is getting married September 12. The other is my friend Megan who lives in Wisconsin and I only see about twice a year. Megan and I are bridesmaids in Alison's wedding, and we are taking her for some bachelorette fun in a few weeks. I can promise it will be fun, and it will not be raunchy. Megan and I are about the least raunchy people to be throwing wedding fun, and will therefore not have anything decorative shaped like a you-know-what. Because that is just gross.

3. Trip to South Bend. For the time being, we tend to take mini-vacations. We have dreams of big long vacations on beaches and cruise ships to exotic places. But for now, we have bills. And therefore, we go for weekend getaways. Our friends Allan and April live in South Bend, IN, and we are going to visit them in late August for a couple of days and go to the beach at Lake Michigan. We will pretend we are somewhere exotic, and I'm sure have a super time.

4. Alison's wedding. Coming this September to a small town near you. I am one of two aforementioned bridesmaids. And Abigail is the flower girl. I will be wearing a strapless chocolate brown dress. This may be shocking, but I have never worn a strapless dress. Crazy, I know, but I'm kind of excited about it. Abigail will be wearing lavendar. She asks on a weekly basis to try on her "purple princess dress." And if you remember the sweet flower girl she was nearly a year ago in my brother's wedding, I'm kind of looking forward to seeing this again:

She's a year older. And she's ready to throw some flowers.

I really can't believe that summer is flying by so quickly. I don't even have a kid in school yet, and I feel the press of wanting to do all the fun things before fall weather sets in. I can't imagine when we actually have a school schedule to stick to. But for now, we will just pack as many fun little things into our calendar as we can, and enjoy these warm days. And hopefully remember to take lots of pictures.


Rudy said...

you have to have at least one decoration shaped like you-know-whats... lol... The description of non-raunchy bachelorette fun made me laugh. I really can't believe you have never worn a strapless dress. You will look hot! I am sure Paul will tell you that 98 times though ;)And you better post pics of flower girl Abigail and strapless dress wearing Amy. Mmm kay?!

Jason said...

Congratulations on your upcoming magazine article, Ame! That is awesome. I am so proud of you. This is your first one, isn't it? Please Xerox a copy for me when it comes out.