Wednesday, July 22, 2009

These Are All Bad Things

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. I'm sure my husband would disagree, as he has had to watch me pull myself through the house for the last week. Between the whatever it is that has camped out in my ear, nose, and throat, and feeling like I have been on the verge of throwing up for three days straight, I haven't exactly been the happy camper to live with.

And let me say, when one is not feeling good, these are a few things you just don't want to hear:
1. A few days ago, Abigail was washing a lot of her little babies and plastic toys in the bathroom sink. I figured I would be cool, and let her do it, pretty much because I don't have the energy to argue anymore. However, I noticed that the lids to my contact case looked wet. I said, "Just remember you don't ever play with Mommy's contacts."
To which she replied, "I only put water in it."
This would not have concerned me so, if not for a couple little facts, like I was wearing glasses at the time, and I have gas permeable contacts that cost over $80 each.
I opened the case, and sure enough, only one contact was intact. In all my hormonal fury, I proceeded to freak out and lecture about how much my contacts cost, and was she planning to pay for them (which I know is a futile argument that is lost on a 3-year-old)? To her credit, she played with them over a stopped-up bathroom sink where she was bathing her toys, so I did find it floating around in the bottom of the water. Praise Jesus. And sink stoppers.

2. We had gone to the library in the pouring rain this afternoon to find her a new slew of books and movies. I was pretty proud of myself for dragging my pukiness out in the rain, but of course, Abigail did not realize the sacrifice. When we got home, it was nap time for us both. When she woke up, she came into my room and asked if she could watch her Blues Clues video from the library.
Let me just add that I sorely miss Blues Clues. It was deleted from our cable programming, and probably all cable programming over year ago. I think it is truly good kid's tv, and I guess we just caught the end of the Blues Clues train. I can tell Abigail has missed it, too.
So, like any good, exhausted mom, I continue on with nap, mumbling that I will put it in in a minute. Minutes pass....quiet minutes. Next I know, Abigail is running excitedly in my bedroom, saying, "Look, Mommy! It's has a handle just like a purse!" And by handle, she means a good chunk of the black VHS tape containing Blues Clues data. And by purse, she means the cheap, orange plastic shape of the Blues Clues VHS....the library's Blues Clues VHS.

Don't panic. Mommy fixed it. Abigail cried at my leaping out of bed, saying "No, no, no, nooooooooo." But she is currently watching it on the tv, so I did okay, I guess.
And this concludes my essay on things I don't want to hear when I don't feel good. The end.


Christianne said...

Okay, I totally laughed out loud at both stories!!! However, I wasn't laughing AT you, I was laughing WITH you...and by that, I mean the FUTURE "you" who WILL laugh about this some day. Eventually. When you're not, you know, one giant hormone. ;-)

MamaS said...

I guess this is why 59 year old ladies are not mothers of 3 year olds.....I don't have the hormones to handle it on a daily basis!
Both stories would have freaked me out....because of what I would think it would cost! Christianne is right...someday you will laugh....someday.....when you don't have that many hormones and then you can tell Abigail's kids allllll the things SHE used to do!