Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In the Last Week

All of these things have happened in the last week:

1. My friend Angie and I got the baby's room painted! This was able to happen after her husband and some other husbands from church came to move a monstrosity of a desk out of the office/baby's room. Once the desk was moved, I felt as if the heavens parted and I could see light. Because ain't NUTTIN' was happening until that monster was moved. I feel like things will all work out to bring a baby home. And like my friend Martha said, I still have, ahem, milk supply and diapers, so really, we would have been fine anyway.

2. Paul's mom had one of her turns for the worse. This is, I believe, the third time this has happened in the last year (maybe fourth?). It is usually brought on by dehydration and a UTI. It is emotionally exhausting that this keeps happening, but she seems to be on the upswing again.

3. Abigail had about two days of being almost perfect. I love those days....when we don't have arguments, when she is agreeable, when we are just silly and fun.
Today was not quite so almost perfect. Time outs were served. A spanking was threatened. (I hate when she treats me like I'm four.) We are both resting now, and hopefully will be acting like shiny, happy people after nap time.

4. Our car (not the good car, but the car we only drive when we have to) sounded like I was dragging a dead body beneath it the other day. Very reassuring. We have to go get it tonight from the friends house where I left it. Paul will drive it home...let's all pray that it doesn't spontaneously combust while he is in it, m'kay?

5. I have hit 34 weeks pregnant. Six weeks left to go! However, I have to be in a wedding in about three weeks, and then I have given her my full permission to evacuate the premises a little early. Because I'm pretty much ready to be done with being as it's been and all. I feel (today) very calm about her coming, yet when I really think about it, I'm still a little overwhelmed that our family will change forever in just a few short weeks. Crazy. Oh, and I start meeting with the doctor who will deliver the baby at my next visit! Excited about that next step, but seriously, if my doctor who I've been seeing would just deliver her for me, I would pay her in chocolate chip cookies and free babysitting for the next 18 years because I LOVE my doctor.

6. I can no longer sleep comfortably. It makes me very tired during the day. Probably part of the problem is the divider line of a body pillow that Paul named "Bertha" that is between us every night. I'm not sure Bertha is helping me so much. Therefore, I have been taking a lot of naps. Therefore, if I do not seem to be available in the afternoons, there is a good likelihood I'm paying off some sleep debt.

7. We partied last weekend with our Sunday School class as a belated Christmas party. It was way fun. We ate a lot of things that are not on Paul's DASH diet. We played games. I wish we could have Christmas parties every month.

8. While Angie and I painted, we told Abigail she was the "babysitter" for Kaiden, Angie's 2-year-old, to keep him occupied. This immediately made her head grow four times its normal size, and she spent the day telling Kaiden that he needed to listen to her because she was the babysitter, his boss, and "the one in charge." I have a sinking feeling that Sadie Grace does not stand a chance.

Overall, a pretty good week. I'm gonna go work on that sleep debt now.


Kylene said...

technically the wedding you speak of is in 16 days and it would be appreciated if miss sadie grace waits at least 17 days to make her appearance, but if she can't wait that long, i guess i'll forgive her!! :)

Stacey said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, and all of your prayers and support! :) I can't believe you have only 6 weeks left. Wow! Hope you get some good rest between now and then.