Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Unusual Prayer Request

Last night at our AWANA meeting at church, a group of kids visited from another church. They were a puppeteer group called P3. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen a really good puppet show since about 1988, so I was pretty excited to see that puppets never really died, they just got shoved deep into the church closet for a while.

They did a really cute job, and just performed a handful of songs for the kiddos. I sat in the back, but loved watching Abigail up there in the third row, bouncing up and down to the music, totally incapable of sitting still with all of the puppet magic going on on stage. One of the songs they performed was about, well, I guess the Devil. I don't really remember the song, but a little devil puppet popped up, and all the kids just laughed with glee. The Devil! How exciting! Of course, he wasn't scary-looking at all. Just your average devil, all red with horns and a black gotee.

After church, we asked her what she liked about the puppet show. She said, "I liked the funny- looking red guy."

We said, "That puppet looked like the Devil. Do you know who the Devil is?"

Abigail replied, "He's the funny-looking red guy."

We kind of giggled and Paul said, "Well, the Devil is a really, really bad guy. He doesn't like God at all, and he's really mean."

At bedtime last night, Abigail informed us she didn't want to pray for all of her usual people that she has prayed for every night since she could speak. Instead, she started describing all the puppets. And then she told Paul, "Pray for...what was that funny-looking red guy's name again?"

Paul: "The Devil."

"Pray for the Devil."

I guess we all need the prayers of a child every now and then, even though Paul said the Devil is beyond help.


Paul said...

I literally laughed out loud reading this even though I was there.

Jason said...

Hahaha! Kids say the darndest things! My niece is the coolest.:)

Christianne said...

Kara & Natalie have always had a bit of a "Satan" fascination themselves. They know he's a REALLY bad guy who lives in the dirt (hey -- YOU try explaining "where Satan lives" to a curious three-year old) and likes it when they make BAD choices. He pops up quite frequently in their admonishments to each other ("Natalie, don't do that or you'll make Satan HAPPY!!!") and in their general conversations ("Kara, I like everyone in the whole world...except for SATAN!"). It's like raising two little Saturday Night Live "Church Ladies." :-)

Stacey said...

I have to tell you another devil story. My nephew, who is 6 years old, has been talking a lot to his parents about the baby that I will have one day. He has been coming up with all sorts of names for our future child. The other day he declared that he knows what name we should definitely NOT use: Satan.
Well, I would imagine not! :)

Amy said...

Stacey, I would agree that Satan will not be topping baby names lists any time soon. Satan, Adolf, and Osama. That pretty much covers it.