Monday, March 23, 2009

The Trifecta

Today, I would like to veer off of any serious subject whatsoever, because I could totally go there right now. But I am simply too tired.

So, I will tell you about a few of my favorite things.

Saturday night, after a long day, I stayed up until 1:30 in the morning. My reason? Two of my three favorite can't-change-the-channel-when-it-comes-on-watched-a-million-times-and-will-watch-a-million-more movies were on. I'm sure you have your own movies in this category. It doesn't matter how many times you have seen them. They stop your heart a little each time. And they are made of pure, Wisconsin CHEESE.

I realized that my three top movies are all Julia Roberts movies. Now, I am not necessarily labeling these as my favorite movies. I'm sure I have seen better. They are just the movies that I must watch no matter how late I have to stay up to watch them. I'm not even a fan of ALL Julia Roberts movies. But, yeah, a lot of them, I am.

And now, in no particular order, are my top three:
1. Steel Magnolias. I love this movie for so many reasons. Julia Roberts pink-upon-pink-upon-pink wedding. The bleeding armadillo groom's cake. The gossip at Truvy's. The changing of the seasons and Daryl Hannah's change from wild child to religious convert to somewhere in the middle. I love that Truvy has a husband named Spud. I love Ouiser (Weezer). And I just adore Olympia Dukakis in any movie role. Some of my favorite quotes from this movie:

Ouiser Boudreaux: I do not see plays, because I can nap at home for free. And I don't see movies 'cause they're trash, and they got nothin' but naked people in 'em! And I don't read books, 'cause if they're any good, they're gonna make 'em into a miniseries.

Shelby: Mama, I don't know why you have to make everything so difficult. I look at having a baby as the opportunity of a lifetime. Sure there may be risk involved, but that's true for anybody. But you get through it and life goes on. And when it's all said and done there will be a little piece of immortality with Jackson's good looks and my sense of style, I hope. Please, please I need your support. I would rather have thirty minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special.

Annelle: Miss Truvy, I promise that my personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair.

Truvy: I have a strict policy that nobody cries alone in my presence.

Ouiser Boudreaux: You are evil, and you must be destroyed.
Clairee Belcher: Mother Nature's taking care of that faster than you could.

M'Lynn: I find it amusing. Men are supposed to be made out of steel or something. I just sat there. I just held Shelby's hand. There was no noise, no tremble, just peace. Oh god. I realize as a woman how lucky I am. I was there when that wonderful creature drifted into my life and I was there when she drifted out. It was the most precious moment of my life.

And of course, the "HIT HER!" moment. It is movie gold.

2. My Best Friend's Wedding. When this movie first came out, I had a "best friend" of my own, and I secretly wanted to be Julia Roberts and try to break up his wedding. Then I realized that he wasn't having one. And he still hasn't. And I have. So, I guess I've moved on. Oh, I love Julia's big, crazy red hair, especially compared to the perfected coif of Cameron Diaz. I love the moment on the boat with Jules and Michael when the romance between them is palpable, but it passes them by. I love when she gets the ring stuck on her finger. And I love that dreamy Michael.

A few good lines:
Julianne Potter: Michael... I love you. I've loved you for nine years, I've just been too arrogant and scared to realize it, and... well, now I'm just scared. So, I realize this comes at a very inopportune time but I really have this gigantic favor to ask of you. Choose me. Marry me. Let me make you happy. Oh, that sounds like three favors, doesn't it?

Kimmy Wallace: He's got you on a pedestal and me in his arms. (ouch)

George Downes: Michael's chasing Kimmy?
Julianne Potter: Yes!
George Downes: You're chasing Michael?
Julianne Potter: YES!
George Downes: Who's chasing you... nobody, get it? There's your answer. It's Kimmy.

Oh, the love triangle. The heartbreak. The late 90s style. I adore this movie.

3. Stepmom. Now, this is the one that was not playing on Saturday night, but I have stopped through many a channel surfing to watch it. You know, Susan Sarandon is the kids' mom. She has cancer. She can't stand their new stepmom, Julia Roberts. The fight back and forth through the whole movie on who knows what is best for the kids. Then they join forces in the end to make the most beautiful photograph projects for Susan Sarandon to give her kids before she dies.

A few good lines:
Isabel: Look down the road to her wedding. I'm in a room alone with her, fixing her veil, fluffing her dress, telling her no woman has ever looked so beautiful. And my fear is she'll think, "I wish my mom were here."
Jackie Harrison: And my fear is... she won't.

Okay, so there are not as many good lines in this movie. It's more of the back and forth, the giving and taking. It is a tear-jerker to it's very core, and I love it.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good cryfest. Sometimes you just need a good cry, and Julia Roberts is as good an excuse as any.


Stacey said...

Great movies! The movie I HAVE to watch every time I catch it on TV (even though I own it on DVD) is one of my all-time faves The Shawshank Redemption. I can't resist!

You may already know this, but Steel Magnolias was filmed in my father-in-law's hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana. It is an adorable town that I love to visit. I have seen the house, but haven't been inside. :)

nlamom said...

I LOVE Steel Magnolias!! It is one of my all time favorites! I to am a movie junky and will stop the channel surfing for a good movie and stay up to watch it. A few weeks ago, The King and I, and My Fair Lady came on back to back on AMC!! It was a great late night!

kylene said...

so these 3 would also land on my list, i've seen them all a million times... so much so that i got teary eyed just reading the quotes b/c i know oh to well where they go in the movies... and i of course would have to add another julia roberts movie to my list... pretty woman!!! :)

meg said...

Yay for Wisconsin cheese! ;)