Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Different Zumba

I had a new Zumba experience on Monday. One of the male teachers came over from the Big City (Terre Haute) to teach the first half-hour of our Zumba class. I think he was there to promote Zumbathon '09, which is a real thing at a local high school. You get to pay 15 bucks to do Zumba for three hours straight. I love me some Zumba, but I'd also like the ability to walk the next day.

Anyway, Ron came over to teach the class. I think our first reaction was "Oh, this might be fun." Then my personal reaction was, "Oh, this is completely different." Ron is Filipino and has moves that white guys have never seen. I know this, because my husband is a white guy who has some pretty good moves, and he has not seen what Ron could do with his hips. Ron wore one of those little Britney Spears' microphones that wraps around your head, and shouted to us while doing his thang. Now, in his defense, he has a lot of energy, and I think if he were the Zumba instructor we had all started with, we would have thought he was the best thing since Sweatin' to the Oldies. But we have all learned with our beloved Kandy. She is wonderful, peppy, lets out a big "WHOO!!!!" at just the right time, and doesn't tell us to "Shake it! Shake it! Shake it! Shake it!" (which seemed to be Ron's favorite instruction).

I managed to hardly break a sweat during the first half-hour. Okay, maybe I wasn't trying hard enough. I was doing a lot more of swaying back and forth with a clueless look on my face and trying to find a place to stand where the huge white pillar wasn't blocking my view. But once Kandy came up to do the second half of the class, I jumped right into my Zumba groove and was sporting a nice gamey glow within five minutes.

What can I say? We love our Kandy.

And here is what I would liken our half-hour with Ron to:


Wendy said...

I heard about that "man" thing - hope Kandy's back to duty for me on Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Amy. I'm laughing through this one. Maybe it's cause I was totally picturing it after line dancing with Gabe's family out in California around Christmas time. We had a "Ron" dance instructor. He was probably 65 but had more hip flexiblity than any guy that age should! AND I was the only white person in the room. Let me just say that everytime I got that confused look or messed up.... everyone noticed. I still laugh thinking about it, but it was a great time. Love you =)

Anonymous said...

You are probably just a begginer in Zumba when you had Ron that is why you cannot keep up with Him we love him and he moves like no other zumba instructors we've seen he can do different varieties and will not get bored He is very good in motivating people If you are in Facebook and type in his name you will see how many people likes his Zumba he is the BEST!!