Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Prayer Request

Hello friends. How are you? I feel like I have been slacking in the writing of the posts and such. I guess when you stay inside due to much snow, cold temperatures, and no real pressing "need" to go anywhere, there are not a lot of fun stories to share. I've done a lot of laundry. We watched the Superbowl. Abigail keeps trying to be a baby again. Not sure why...she just keeps pulling all of these baby things out of her closet and wanting to use them, wanting me to rock her, etc. Oh well, I'm sure it will only last until the first time I say, "Hmmm, I don't think you can do that because you are a baby, right?" She'll be back to big girl in no time.


Just a little prayer request for you. I am scheduled to go to Indianapolis on Thursday for a little test called an HSG. It has a very long name, but at the risk of laziness, I will not type it out right now. It is an internal x-ray of my uterus (graphic, I'm sorry). I was supposed to have it done a couple of months ago, but for two months in a row, the timing of the test fell around Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it just never worked out. The test is basically just to see the inside of me and make sure there is not any type of scar tissue, septums (walls), or any other thing internally that would prohibit an egg from implanting properly when I get pregnant.

I'm really not all that concerned about it, and neither is my doctor. She just wants me to have it for peace of mind. Of course, there is always the chance that it will show something there, which may give insight into my miscarriages. But if the miscarriages were genetically-caused then it probably is not related. My ultrasounds that I had never showed anything of concern, so I'm not very concerned that this will either. But I am a little apprehensive, as you can imagine. Please just pray for me on Thursday as I have the test done (the doctor can go over the results with us right after the test...it isn't like a lab that you have to wait on, it is like an x-ray picture that you can see right there).

So, thanks for praying, friends. This is a journey I wasn't really planning to go on, and I really don't foresee a battery of tests and things, nor do I really have the desire to go that far down this road. I do think that this will help me just to have a better insight into what is going on inside of me. I appreciate your prayers.


Beth said...

I'm going a little stir crazy, thanks for asking! :)

Maybe it's three year old stage thing. .Joey STILL asks me about 80 times a day if he can be "my little boy."

And I will be praying about the whole HSG thing! One of those things that you try not to think too much about but think about anyway.

Stacey said...

I'll be praying for you, Amy. I had an HSG done a few years ago - I'm sure you know what to expect by now but if you have any questions you know I'm here. Mine didn't show anything, but sometimes it's just good to know that the tubes are open and that everything looks ok. Let me know how it goes, k?

Anonymous said...

God goes before you to prepare the way. God goes with you, even though He already knows the answer. He will come after, to wrap His arms around you whatever the result...and He will use this in your life in an unexpected way.

MamaS said...

Love you, sweetie and God will watch over you! Safe travel!
PS. NOW I definitely see that everyone needs a Charlotte ...Charlotte, You are my "Barb" to Amy....and I am so glad you have been in her life!