Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's Time

Now that I think I have solidified myself in the blog world somewhat, and maybe have 3 or 4 faithful readers, I feel it is time to let you into a part of my world. A darker part. A part that involves my husband, shirtless, greased-up men, rock music, bad boys, and pyrotechnics. That, my friends, is my husband's undying love for professional wrestling. After reaping the benefits of attending TWO contests that he has won, I do see an upside in this crazy other world. And I have some blog archives to prove it.

Archive: WWE and Me
March 18, 2007

My husband is a HUGE wrestling fan. Always has been. Just as easily as some can spew baseball stats and Heisman winners, Paul can tell you every WWF/WWE duo, heel, face, move that there ever was. When we were first married, I was sure that this was a passing phase that I could woo him away from. I quickly realized that he had loved wrestling long before he had loved me, and that I would have to learn to love it, too, in some fashion. So, although I am far, far, far from a loyal fan, I do know the names of the wrestlers, can pretty well tell the difference between Raw and Smackdown, and know that I do NOT enjoy TNA. I'm pretty much a fan of the story and the smack-talk more than the wrestling itself. And I could pretty well do without most of the divas.

So, not knowing what I would be signing myself up for, one night as I watched the "big-ness" of one of the shows, I told Paul that it probably would be kind of fun to go to a show sometime. I didn't know that meant the next show. So, when Paul saw that Raw was coming to Indianapolis on Monday, the 19th, he really, really wanted me to go. I got out of it somehow, and he got tickets for himself, Alex, and Kelly (two of our BCM students). Then, the Indy CW-4 station had a contest. Write a 200-word essay on why you are the biggest WWE fan. Paul wrote. He won. The grand prize. So, tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m., a limo will be picking up Paul and me from our home and driving us to the CW-4 station where we will be having lunch with a WWE star (I think it's a diva). Then after being dropped off at his sister's for the afternoon, the limo will pick us up again to take us to the show tomorrow night where we will have two front-row seats. Paul thinks this is the best thing that has ever happened to him, shortly after marriage and Abigail's birth (at least, I think it ranks after those). I think I will enjoy spending the day watching my husband truly have the time of his life. This is your World Series box seats, folks. The only thing that could have topped this would have been Wrestlemania, after which Paul would have promptly died and gone to Heaven.

We'll have fun, I'm sure. If not, I'm going to superkick somebody.


Wendy said...

Love it!! I just haven't caved to the watching of it yet. Zack keeps wanting me to DVR it for him & I just can't....yet...

Paul said...

You should post the youtube link of that day on with this blog post.