Monday, October 27, 2008

Everywhere were Princesses

We had quite the eventful weekend...pretty much everywhere BUT in the parsonage. Sometimes the sweetest moments happen at home. Sometimes they happen everywhere else.

Friday night, Abigail and I abandoned Paul to go to my mom's house. Dad was away on an Emmaus Walk retreat this weekend, so Mom had three nights all by her lonesome at home (I think she kept pretty busy, too). So, we went to her house, armed with our pjs and "Enchanted" on VHS, because between my mom and me, we have no clue how to work a DVD player. Sad, I know. We immediately got into our jammies and Mom made these super-yummy crab cakes and we introduced my mom to the world of Giselle. Who, if you have not seen Enchanted, is the princess. And Abigail would pick her hands-down over any Disney princess any day of the week. Which, technically, she IS a Disney princess, since Enchanted is a Disney movie, but we've yet to see her face on 712 random things at WalMart, so I guess she hasn't been invited into the club yet. Abigail managed to stay up until midnight somehow, because we all three slept in Mom's bed, and like a dog circling around to find a good spot, Abigail has to jump, crawl, roll and such for two and half solid hours before her little body gives out on her. That is not a usual bedtime for her, before any child protective services are called.

When we left Paul at home that night, he was getting dressed to participate in our town's haunted house. The room he was going to be in was a Haunted Prom theme, with ghouls in a graveyard dancing in torn and bloody prom attire. Paul got to be "Disc Shockey", the prom's DJ, and his artery in his neck was severed by a CD. And he was wearing lipstick. He said he made a little girl cry, which usually would make you feel pretty bad, but I guess in a haunted house, it gives quite the feeling of accomplishment.

During the day on Saturday, Mom, Abigail, and I went to visit my grandpa for his birthday. His 94th birthday. No two ways around it, a 94th birthday is pretty awesome.

Then that night, we got Abigail dressed in her Halloween finery for the Frolic on the square. She still remembers being in the halloween parade and costume contest last year, and has for an entire year called the square "Halloween." Paul says even a broken clock gets the right time twice a day. I guess if she calls it Halloween long enough, eventually she will be right again. She dressed as the prettiest little bride. Hey, we had to get some more use out of that white flower girl dress somehow! She looked beautiful, but lost the contest to a kid in an aquarium and a girl made out of cotton candy. Pretty just doesn't beat original, I guess.

After church yesterday, we headed over to the big city of Terre Haute for Paul's dad's symphonietta concert. They played show tunes, and we had a front-row seat. Abigail especially sat up straight and focused for the two ladies who sang "Night and Day", "You'll Never Walk Alone", and "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."

Because she has a true appreciation for Broadway music.

Or because they were wearing sparkly ballgowns, and she called them Princesses. And even better was when a troupe of ballerinas came out to dance a waltz. About ten seconds into the dance, Abigail said, "I want to be a ballerina." So maybe princesses aren't all that they are cracked up to be.

It was an exciting weekend. Monday always seems a little bit of a let-down. But I think Paul is taking us girls out to lunch, so that is something to look forward to, for sure. I wonder if there will be any princesses there....

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nickmal said...

Your precious little princess bride is on the front page of the paper today!