Friday, September 12, 2008

Letter to Paul's Gall Bladder

Dear Paul's Gall Bladder,
You have made this an interesting week. You were taken out on Tuesday, along with having a hernia repaired and a liver biopsy. Thankfully, everything came out okay, got repaired okay, and passed the tests okay. Since then, you have given my sweet husband quite a run. He has been tired, very sore, and pretty much lying on the couch all week. You've given me the opportunity to play nurse, although not as well as I'm sure he would like. I am good about keeping up with his pain meds and getting him water and ice packs. Other than that, I don't think he realized how much I like to check my email during the day.
You've ensured that we have watched every news show about Sarah Palin, every Hardball, every bit of political coverage. You've even gotten him to watch a little bit of Project Runway with me, and I love when he comments on it and does Tim Gunn impersonations.
You've helped Abigail be a bit on the snippy side, as we have not had many opportunities to go anywhere or get out of the house. Although, she has had more outings than we have, thanks to our sweet friend, Lori.
You've also seen to it that I didn't have to cook at least two meals this week, as yummy things have been brought to our house by friends from church. I have to give you bonus points for that, Gall Bladder, as I am always down with not cooking.
Thanks for getting out of Paul before things got ugly. You held in there really well and didn't give him any attacks (which is why we were so surprised when you needed to come out). Thanks for being nice to him.
As for you, hernia, I'm not sure I can speak so kindly to you, so I'll just close on a good note.
Thanks, gall bladder. You'll be missed.

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nickmal said...

What a sacrifice...for a couple of nights off from the kitchen. Now that he's gone, I hope he doesn't get bitter threatening a wrongful termination suit.

The pink slip to Paul's gall bladder: (from The Life of Dad You're On Notice, Mr. Gall Bladder … )
"Dear Gall Bladder,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for the 29 years of service you've provided me and the rest of the team. As you are aware, we are all suffering from the current economic downturn and, unfortunately, the hard times have hit" Cooper"Co. Our resources are limited and budgets are tight. It is with a heavy heart that we have to let you go. I wish I could say it wasn't performance based, but after checking past reviews it's come to my attention that no one in the company knows exactly what you do. In fact, several members of the team thought you'd retired several years ago while others just thought you were lazy. And it wasn't until recently when you began causing a stir that we realized you were still on the payroll.

Anyway, we wish you the best in all future endeavors."

Paul Cooper
CEO and President, CooperCo.

and i think to myself...what wonderful world ... with at least
two crazy people who write letters to body parts :)jk