Thursday, September 25, 2008

And the Flower Girl Will Wear White

This weekend has been in the making for over two years now. When Paul and I still lived in Muncie, and Abigail was a bald and squishy little baby, we were going to Pizza Hut after move-in time with some of our college students from our campus ministry. And I got a phone call....

It was from my older brother, Jason, saying that he had proposed to Adrienne. It was the day we thought would never come that we kind of all saw coming.

I just love my brother, and have always had a good relationship with him. Sure, we had our moments as any brother and sister do, but overall, we had a pretty good gig growing up. I remember when he went to college, a whole half an hour away from home, and I was a sophomore in high school. I think we talked on the phone every day for his first week at school. I missed him more than I wanted to let on at the time.

Don't get me wrong...I got used to the single bathroom pretty fast. But the first week was lonely.

So, fast forward ten-plus years. Jason proposed. She said yes. They set a date. They reset a date. That date has finally come, this Saturday.

And Abigail will be their flower girl. She doesn't really know what a flower girl is or does, but she knows she gets to wear a "princess" dress and carry a basket and throw flowers on the ground. I don't think she knows people will be watching her do it. But she is quite a hot dog most of the time, and has never much minded an audience, so I'm not at all worried.

We were prepping her over Labor Day weekend, saying that she would throw flowers. Uncle Jason told her, "Or you can throw cream pies at everybody." And has she forgotten that mental image? No. Every time we say she will be a flower girl, she whispers in my ear, "But I don't want to throw pies."

I'm sure she will be beautiful and dainty, and do everything as instructed. And we'll pray that a day possibly without naptime will not ensue in mid-aisle meltdown.

I think it will be a wonderful weekend, and hopefully will have pictures to post later!

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