Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh, Deer

How I have been wanting to use that title that last two days. We received a very large blessing from God and our friends the Wilmores in the shape of a meat-locker freezer. This sweet family is moving to Texas for a job change, and couldn't lug a freezer full of meat through 8 or so states. So, the parsonage has just acquired an upright freezer, circa 30 years old, full of meat. Chicken, ham (even a Smithfield), frozen fruit and veggies, and deer.

The deer....there is a lot of it.

Jerry is a hunter/gatherer type who enjoys the deer-hunting season in this area, as do the majority of men at our church. Paul keeps thinking it will be great fun for someone to take him sometime, but then looks at the fees and licenses you need and thinks "That's a lot of money for some deer jerky." Oh, I would love to see him tramping through a field in spanking new camos with nary a drop of blood on them. It would be quite sweet.

I'm not sure we are the deer hunting type of family. There are some things we like. The jerky, the summer sausage (my personal favorite), and whatever it is that our friend Matt makes after marinating it in Coke all day. Backstrap or something....really good stuff. I'm not quite into the stew meat and the stuff you have to cover in gravy to make it taste slightly less gamey.

But we now have about three shelves filled...I mean that word in its most literal form...filled from the surface of the shelf to the bottom of the shelf above it...with all manner of deer meat. We have a couple of bags of jerky that has not yet been marinated or seasoned or whatever you do with jerky, so if you have any good recipes (and I know that some of you must), you can send them my way.

And if you are interested in an old-fashioned venison cookout/dinner party, I will roll out the welcome mat. Because we have a lot of deer at this house. And when I think deer, I think party.


mccancek said...

Well if a freezer full of deer meat isn't a good reason for me to visit, I don't know what is!!:)

Amy said...

Are you kidding me? I've been trying to lure you here with a cute kid that you haven't seen in over a year, and you are willing to come once you hear about DEER MEAT? Kyky, I had no idea...

debra said...

I have never had deer meat but your friends that moved are very sweet :) We just had friends move to texas too and they gave us their meat from their freezer and all kinds of groceries... must mean that ppl who move to texas rock :)

Amy said...

I have heard of many, many people moving to Texas for new jobs. That means two things:
1. Don't mess with Texas. You may have a job there someday.
2. Befriend anyone whose job may be sent to Texas and you won't have to buy groceries for a long, long time.

thebusyhomemaker said...

I put a couple of venison recipes on my blog. We are awfully sweet! It's not often anyone says we rock though. We were trying to keep that quiet!

Anonymous said...
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