Sunday, August 3, 2008

Conversations with a Two Year Old

This conversation took place on Sunday morning after I told Paul that the house stunk like a dirty diaper. Surprise.....I think it was a dirty diaper. Anyway, back to the conversation.

While helping Abigail put on her shoes for church...
Abigail: Are you chewing gum?
Me: No, I don't have any gum.
Abigail: It smells like gum, though.
Me: No, I don't have any gum.
Abigail: But it smells like gum. (pause) Or maybe it's just poop or something.

Me: (laughing really, really hard) Um, gum and poop smell different. Gum smells good. Poop smells bad.

The end.


The Miersma Family said...

hi! my name is jennifer miersma (used to be green) and i just came upon your blog from john mark's blog (he and karen used to go to our church when they lived in louisville). he did a post about you and paul and it sparked my curiosity because i went on a mission trip to indonesia back in 2000 with a paul cooper and was interested to see if the paul cooper john mark was talking about was the paul cooper i knew of...and after going to the church's link he posted about and seeing the staff photo - i was pleasantly surprised to see the paul cooper i met 8 years ago!!! how fun! anyhow, please tell him hi! may God continue to bless your ministry as you seek to serve and point others to Jesus! the blogosphere never ceases to amaze me with all the small worlds you run into! :)

Amy said...

Hey Jennifer! That is an awesome connection! I've seen your Indonesia pictures many times, so I know who you are! How fun that you guys are friends with John Mark and Karen. They are a fun couple, aren't they? So I see you are going into missions. You'll have to update us through email. Are you on facebook?

Anonymous said...