Monday, July 7, 2008

The Private Life of the Minister's Wife

This was the title of a book that Paul gave me long ago. Sadly, it was one that never really got read, and ended up in the rear window of the car, which faded all of its 70s retro-glory to a pale blue and yellow. I was trying to think of a catchy title for this blog, which has been something I have wanted to do for some time. I have blogged on myspace for a couple of years now, and love it, but the readers are limited to those who have myspace accounts. And instead of trying to convince the rest of you why you should get sucked into the time-wasting trap of social profile sites (I have already "corrupted" my best friend Alison to its snares!), I figured I would just join the ranks of bloggers in the world. It is my voice, my English major studies being put to no major use, my love for writing getting sparked again.

Anyway, back to the title. My first thought was "Wake Up, O Sleeper" because that is usually the challenge of my day. My second thought was "Amy in Progress". Then I went to the King of Alliteration, Pastor Paulie himself. He came up with some smart ones, some sassy ones that made me laugh but I cannot post on here (but I can tell you in person). He suggested the Private Life of the Minister's Wife. I quickly turned it down, for one, figuring there was some long-lost copyright on that title, and two, not wanting anyone to think they were going to be "gettin' the goods on the minister's wife." In this age where everything seems up for public consumption, I figure some things still should remain modestly private, so I didn't want the blog title to be misleading. We suggested everything from A Fish Called Wanda to Bullet Toes (yes, my toes are short and chubby like little bullets) to Prada in the Parsonage (my expensive tastes on my $20 knock-off Prada budget). We settled on Inside the Parsonage. I hope it serves the blog well.

So, the private life of a minister's wife....I guess there is such a thing. I am still figuring out all of this "pastor's wife" stuff. Before moving to the church about a year ago, I helped Paul side by side in campus ministry for four years, so yes, there have been some role adjustments here. Nothing I couldn't adjust to, but learning all the same. I am learning that life in a parsonage is not immune from the challenges of life. Yes, we do have dear church members who mow the grass and we had a guy just show up last week to change the filter on our air conditioner, sent over by the church. I guess in many ways, we are well cared-for. Yet, we have had some of our most challenging months here. And many of those challenges have nothing to do with the church at all. Just life challenges, family challenges. Some tough stuff. I didn't want my first official blog to be a downer, so I'll save some of those meanderings for later. God has taught me, or is trying His best to teach me, about Waiting and Hope and Trust and Provision in ways I've never had to learn before.

There have been sweet moments, too, in this parsonage. Being closer to my parents...watching Abigail and her Papa swing on her swingset. Having Thanksgiving in my living room with my parents. All of our joy as we watched Abigail get her first REAL babydoll for Christmas, nearly jumping out of Paul's arms when she saw it under the tree. Coffee with the Coopers. Staining a porch swing with my friend, Lori. Going on walks, catching quick lunch hours with friends. Having our family Deacon, Charlie, show up at my door not once, but TWICE with fresh flowers for me, telling me he is giving Paul a run for his money. Late night swims. Fresh vegetables and homemade jam from people in our church. My friend's husband fixing our car in our garage, using his talents to bless us. Yes, the moments have been sweet in spite of the challenges.

So, this is my blog. I don't know how often I will do it. I don't know what I will feel like blogging about. I can't guarantee it will always be the brightest side of life in the parsonage (or life in general). I hope I can just write as my soul needs to, and that you might enjoy reading it.


megan said...

"Inside the Parsonage" is a great blog name! It tells the reader exactly what you and your blog are all about. "The Pastor's Wife Wears Prada" is a whole other blog. Though I'd definitely read that one, too!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! I'm so glad you did this! You'll love it and you'll get your writing fix. I can't wait to read what's on your heart. Now I'm going to have to step it up and be more regular on mine. :)

bcmguy said...

Great starting blog. I wish as many people read mine. I never get comments:(

Maybe I need to be a better writer like you.

Love you babe!

-your hub