Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hey, Big Spender

Yesterday, Abigail got a birthday/Christmas card from my Grandpa B., her great-grandpa. Before she passed away a few years ago, my Grandma B. was the queen of the birthday card. She never forgot a birthday. Not only did she not forget, but if she had ever met you in were more than likely going to get a birthday or Christmas card from her. She was organized, and thoughtful. So, the fact that my grandpa, who is now in his mid-nineties still thinks to send a birthday card to his great-granddaughter is nothing short of amazing to me.

As she opened the card, a crisp ten-dollar bill fell to the floor. Now, until this year, he has usually sent the money to my mom or to me to buy something for Abigail. But I guess he figured for someone turning four, it was time for her to receive her own money. She picked up the ten off the floor and announced, "It's mine now!" She knows just enough about money to know that it's good to have some.

I asked her what she wanted to do with her money from Great-Grandpa. My mom always stressed to me that when someone sends you money as a gift, it is because they want you to buy something special with it for yourself. (I wish I could go back and tell broke, newlywed Amy and Paul that as we spent it to pay our gas bill.) She thought for a second and said, "I guess I'll put it in my piggy bank."

Normally not a bad idea, but I thought her first ten-dollar bill for herself was too special to be responsible with.

I said, "Well, you can buy something with it if you want to."

A big smile broke across her face and she said, "I could buy food. Like macaroni and cheese!"

Hmmmm, I didn't expect this to be so hard to explain. She knows when you go to the store that you have to give the cashier money for what you want. She knows the basics of spending. And she chose mac 'n cheese?

"OR, you could buy maybe a toy."

"Okay," she replied. "When we go to the store next time, I can pick out a present to give to Liane." (Her best little buddy from church)

"OR, you could pick out a present for YOU. It's really thoughtful that you want to buy something for Liane, but Great-Grandpa sent that money for YOUR birthday and Christmas, to buy something that you would like to have."

She studied the paper bill. "What number is this again?"

"It's a ten. That means you have ten dollars."

"I've GOT IT!" she exclaimed. "The next time we go to the mall, I can use it to ride the ride that goes around and around."

Great. A ride that costs 75 cents. So Paul and I can sit and watch her go around in circles for ten dollars worth of rides. Well, it's her money. We'll see if we can work on it a little bit.


Charlotte said...

I like her priorities: 1) food 2) friends. She could have a mac 'n' cheese party for her friends!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Jonathan would probably choose mac 'n cheese too! ~Alison

Christianne said...

Tell Abigail that I'd be willing to make her macaroni & cheese for only $8. Cash only, please.

We usually deal with birthday/Christmas money in terms of "How many things can you buy at the dollar store?" Mom usually "splurges" for the sales tax though, because they're definitely not ready for a lesson on THAT.

nlamom said...

That's to cute. I take Noah and Liane to Toys R Us, and tell them what is in their price range, when they get their birthday money from my mom.

Liane doesn't have any money, so she's been wrapping up little bits of things for her friends, while I wrap presents!! :)