Friday, December 4, 2009


Last night, my family went to our Baptist Association's Christmas party. It was our third Christmas party this week, which makes me so tired to even type those words. Anyway, just a cute story to share about Abigail....

After we ate dinner at the church, she had gone off to play in the nursery with ALL! THE! TOYS! It was not at our church, so of course, everything seemed new and shiny to her. Then she came running back to me at the table to tell me she needed to go potty.

We went into the bathroom, and I waited on her to finish. She had a nice, round belly from her dinner, and I said, "You ate your dinner really well tonight. You have a round tummy!"

She got off the potty, rubbed my tummy, and said, "You ate a lot tonight, too! Look at your round tummy!"

I laughed and said, "What's my tummy full of? It's full of baby Sadie."

She said, "You ATE a BABY????"

Then she giggled....she knew the answer. Oh, the comic timing on this kid.