Monday, May 18, 2009

Brides and Babies

Sometimes I look at my daughter, and I get an idea of how my mom felt when she looked at me at that age. It is almost spooky how Abigail relives some of the very stories that my mom has told me throughout my own life.

Like dating with babies.

My best friend when I was growing up, Angi, and I used to plan elaborate dates with our boyfriends (pretend boyfriends...not high school ones). We would get all dolled up and plan where we were going, and we usually had fake names. I chose different ones. Angi chose "Danielle" to be her name every single time. When we were finally ready for our dates, we would ask our moms to babysit our babies for us. Mom and Teri were always quite concerned about our glamorous lives of single motherhood, and wondered when would be an appropriate time to explain the order that these things should go.

On Saturday, Abigail spent the better part of the morning playing dressup. She came into the living room in her pink leotard, her purple fairy tutu, her veil, her flowers, and her jewelry. She looked....gorgeous. She informed me that she was getting ready for her wedding to marry Daddy. We've tried to explain to her numerous times that Daddy is already taken, but I guess I don't want her out searching for a husband at this age, so Daddy will do. She told me that I was going to be one of her bridesmaids. Then she told me that she already had enough bridesmaids and now I was the big sister and I would have to stay home from the wedding to babysit her baby, Terrence. Ouch...demoted. I told Paul that I couldn't attend their wedding because I was going to be babysitting Abigail's child. To which he replied, "Uh-oh."

I did get to watch the wedding, however, because all good things take place in the living room, where I was already holding Terrence on the couch. I watched her walk in with her veil and flowers and all, and almost got a tear imagining the scene in about 20 years. But hopefully her outfit will be a little more classy. And hopefully Daddy will be the one giving her away, not waiting to say, "I do."


Anonymous said...

About your miscarriage:
Did you grow up in Tere Haute, or just go to college there?
There's a petrochemical plant there. Have you seen The Dissapearing Male?

Full film:

Amy said...

I grew up near Terre Haute, about 30 minutes away, and then attended college there. Interesting video.

Christianne said...

My mom's whole side of the family is from the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. I imagine weddings like that have taken place at some points in my family history. Sure makes researching your family tree a little easier when your great-grandma and great-grandpa were first cousins...

amypfan said...

Hi Amy--I'm Christianne's "other" friend Amy. She pointed me to your blog, and I've really been enjoying reading it. We have two adorable little girls, but we too, have struggled with infertility. I miscarried twice between my two daughters (now ages 3 1/2 and 1 1/2) and then again after the birth of my second daughter. My most recent due date was supposed to be May 5, which I understand was very close to yours. Anyway, I'm really enjoying reading your blog and can definitely relate to much of what you have to say. Hang in there!