Saturday, November 1, 2008


Looking back, October had to be one of the most emotionally and physically hard months to experience, yet in a lot of ways it was a good month, too. Let's look at a few of the good things, shall we?

1. Fall leaves. The are at their finest in mid-October. It is absolutely my favorite time of year, and they were truly breathtaking.

2. Covered Bridge Festival. After not having gone in about four years, I got to go TWICE this year. I got cute little primitive signs for my house. One I am especially looking forward to putting one by my front door of two snowmen that says, "Baby, it's cold outside!". Not that I'm rushing the snow or anything....And I got to experience the best-tasting big, soft pretzel at the festival that I have ever had in my life. No exaggeration. I've craved one ever since.

3. Persimmon pudding. I made some the morning I started to miscarry. I took some to a friend and some to my dad that day for his birthday (hoping for a less eventful birthday for my dad next year!). I think persimmon pudding might be a regional thing, but it is delicious and warm and spicy like nutmeg and cinnamon. Topped with whipped cream, it is one of my favorite desserts.

4. Voting. We opted to vote early to avoid any crazy long lines on Tuesday. Abigail got a sample voting sheet and went into the booth all by herself (well, with Mommy holding her up to the counter to color in her circles). She wanted Obama and Palin. Obviously, we didn't make party lines clear enough to her. But Paul's finger clearly pointed to the McCain/Palin circle for her to color, and she was happy to do it. But ever since she has asked if we voted for Biden.

5. Blogging. I have had more reason than ever to blog this month, and it has been incredibly healing for me. I don't know that I always will post so much, unless it becomes a paid gig. :) But it has served my heart well this month.

6. Jack o'lantern. He was cute. He was a fun family experience. He was in the trash a week before Halloween. We'll know to wait til later in the month next year.

7. Abigail as a bride. She was beautiful. We went trick-or-treating last night, and she marched right up to every house with not a stitch of fear or shyness. She knocked and said "Trick or Treat". At one house there were three high school aged girls passing out candy on the front porch. After Abigail took her candy, they said, "Peace out" to which she replied, "Take a hike." Yeah, her Daddy taught her that one, but we forgot to teach her not to say it to strangers. Usually it goes in this order as he taught her..."Word, Dog. Peace out. Take a hike. Word to your mutha."

8. Halloween candy. I have already eaten three Kit Kats for breakfast. Fun-sized, of course. :)

9. Pastor Appreciation Month. October is officially that month. Maybe one more thing made up by Hallmark or a Christian bookstore somewhere. But it makes a happy month here! Our loving church family took up a love offering for us to show appreciation to Paul. And my wonderful husband is pretty much using most of it to show appreciation to me! He let me use some to go shopping for some much-needed fall and winter clothes. We got caught up on all our bills. And he set aside a chunk of it to take me out for my 30th birthday in December...we are going to spend the night in Indy and go to see either A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life at the repertory theater. I can't wait! Oh, and 70 bucks of the money is going to get our cat declawed. It's long overdue. I don't think she will feel very appreciated come Tuesday.

10. Lots of family and friend time. Let's face it. It's been a pretty awful month in some respects. I have been surrounded by so many friends and family. I have felt the heart of God loving me through all of you. I have not felt alone in any of this. My God is a loving and awesome God...I will praise Him no matter what.

Here's a few pics of our month:

Family at the Covered Bridge, Bridgeton, IN

The aforementioned, Best Pretzel Ever

Our sweet little tree

One proud first-time voter

She took this privilege very seriously!


Lindsay said...

Amy, my heart has been heavy for you this month, and I'm so thankful that God has ministered to you so faithfully. I absolutely love the picture of your family with your sweet tree.

On a less serious note, I literally laughed out loud about Abigail saying "Take a Hike!" to the strangers! :) Kyle thinks it's wonderful that Abigail responds to "Save the Drama" with "Fo' yo' Mama." He's trying to teach Ruby, but it seems she's not a very quick study.

As for the Pirate Playmate, we're obviously not serious. :) You just had to see the way she was moving around. It was laughably entertaining.

I love your family. I'm praying for you.

Stacey said...

What a great post and an eventful October! I hate that you had to experience such a painful situation, but it is wonderful to have a group of supportive family and friends.

My husband is always on the lookout for the most delicious soft pretzel. He may plan a trip up there just to try it. :)

Btw, love the pics, and your hair is really cute!