Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have often found throughout my adult life a hard time articulating my thoughts on politics. I do feel that I am married to one of the most politically-interested men I have ever met. He LOVES politics. He adores it. It makes his heart beat faster. It makes his passions stronger. He is in the minority of truly political folks who starts watching the coverage from the word "go" of primaries, and faithfully studies the issues until the votes have been cast. I love being married to a man who loves politics. Because I don't, frankly, love it myself. But seeing his understanding of it makes me love it more. There are three things, outside of understanding God's word, that my husband just easily "gets" in life....three things that make sense to him, three things that he can see through...politics, advertising, and professional wrestling. Oh my, does he get professional wrestling.

Although I have had a hard time being able to often "hold my own" in a political conversation, I know the issues that matter to me. I know that I am completely comfortable with being a single-issue voter. I know that voting for a candidate or party that will stand by and stand up for the rights of the unborn is a deal-breaker for me, and I will not apologize for that. It doesn't mean that the other issues don't matter, because they do. But speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves is the duty of any American. It justifies many of the things we do in the name of freedom and democracy.

I didn't realize what my feelings would be over this election, and I will be the last person to blog about my own political stances. But I do know that I watched John McCain concede last night, so gracefully, so genuinely, with tears in my eyes. Never before have I cared enough about an election. But this one mattered on so many levels. To me, it isn't just about "my candidate" not winning. It is about a man being elected to office who has not stood up for the unborn child. He has not used the power and authority granted to him to take care of those who cannot speak from the womb.

I guess I will not write this whole blog now. What is done is done, and I will respect the office of President, no matter who is sitting in the seat. I will pray for him to use his authority in a way that will honor God. My hope is in Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Only He is the One who does not change in Himself, but can bring about more change than we could ever imagine.


nlamom said...

I completely understand. I felt the exact same way last night!

meg said...

Take heart in knowing that with Obama in office, the human rights atrocities and war enacted under Bush, who is supposed to be FOR life, will be ended. Human life has value to Obama, too!

nickmal said...

Learn about 77 Days of Prayer for our New President here:

Give thanks for the outworking of God’s sovereign will in our nation through the votes of citizens as seen in yesterday's election. Praise God for answered prayers as there were no major incidents and results were known with certainty. Pray for President Elect Obama to seek God and His will in every decision and plan that he makes.

God is sovereign! We can trust in Him and His perfect plan to bring Him all the glory.

Stacey said...

Thanks for this post, Amy. I agree that it so important to stand up for the unborn and those who don't have a voice. It's such a horrible thing when millions of innocent babies' lives are snuffed out with barely the batting of an eye.