Monday, May 9, 2011

Love Is...

When I was little, I remember looking through my mom's wedding album. Interspersed with wedding pictures and invitations, there were little cartoons from the 1970s called "Love Is...".

I thought the little couple in the comic strip was so cute, and they just fit so perfectly in my Mama's wedding album.

This weekend, I thought of a few of my own "Love is...." moments.
1. Love is a husband who takes the bathroom sink apart at 1:00 a.m. because you just lost your ninety-dollar contact down the drain. Thankfully for our budget (but kind of gross at the same time), we have had a very stopped-up drain for a while, so he figured the contact had to have gotten stuck. He was right, and I've never been so happy to find a gunky contact in my life. Such love....

2. Love is spending the day with your family at some of your favorite places. No schedule. Just together.

3. Love is a five-year-old girl who goes to Walmart with her daddy and picks out a necklace for her mommy for Mother's Day. It is a silver heart with pink rhinestones around the edge and says "Mom". And it has matching silver heart earrings with pink stones in the middle. And she gives it to her mommy, thinking it is the most beautiful piece of jewelry ever.

4. Love is the mommy who wears the necklace and earrings to church on Mother's Day, thinking it is the most beautiful piece of jewelry ever. Even if it cost five dollars and very well may cause her ears to have an allergic reaction.

5. Love is my own Mama who lets me spend Mother's Day with my husband and girls and tells me to have fun.

6. Love is an older lady at church who I admire so much, giving Abigail a book about mothers that her son had given her when he was a boy, and telling Abigail to give it to me. And inside was tucked some money for us to go out to eat because she is just one of the most thoughtful people I know.

7. Love is a husband who misses his mom so much on his first Mother's Day without her, yet does about a million things to make it a special day for his wife.

8. Love is a styrofoam cup of wildflowers picked by your daughter's Sunday School teacher to give to all the mommies.

9. Love is hurting for a friend who miscarried a couple of weeks ago and knowing the path she is walking right now.

10. Love is rejoicing for friends who have newborn babies at home right now.

Most of all, love is coming to the end of weekend and believing you could possibly be blessed beyond measure.


Hilary said...

Love this...My Mom used to have a "Love Is..." nightgown when I was little that said "Love is letting her put her cold feet on you in the middle of the night"...or something like that :)

Stacey said...

Precious post, Amy! I'm so glad you had such a full and special Mother's Day with your sweet, sweet family.

Those little cartoons are so cute! They sure must have been the thing in the 70s, because my Mom's old scrapbook is full of them! :)

Lindsay said...

Love is reading this post and feeling your heart squeeze up.