Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Hello, my friends. It has been a month since I have blogged. I wish I had more bloggable moments, but February was....ICE, then SNOW, then RECORD HIGH TEMPS. It was just about all I could do to keep up on a daily basis.

I do feel like the last week has had some big moments in the Cooper home, though, so it definitely is worth sharing. If nothing else, for the posterity.

Sadie Grace had her first birthday on the 24th. It was a fairly normal, uneventful day around the house, but I'm not sure she knew or cared anyway. I think she kept looking at us like we were crazy that we kept busting out in song around her. We went out that night as a family, and pretty much just bought bedding for Abigail's new big girl bed, so you know, Abigail made out GREAT on Sadie's birthday.

Speaking of big girl beds, we now have one. A big girl...and her bed. I found a twin headboard and footboard at a yard sale last fall for ten bucks, and then was just waiting on tax time to buy all of the accompaniments....mattress, boxspring, new bedding, etc. All that to say, the lustre of a ten dollar yard sale purchase starts to dull when you add up all of the other things. She slept in it the first time on Friday, and has made a seamless transition. Which means she really IS a big girl.

Sadie has taken her first steps over the last week. We've done a poor job documenting it (2nd child syndrome, I guess). It's just, with Abigail, it was such a definite "sit on the floor with the camera and take your first steps" moment. With Sadie, it has been a little step here, two little steps there, and everyone seeing them at different times. But for sure, she is taking steps. I give her one week until she's a pro.

Sadie had her birthday party on Sunday with both sides of our family. We had a great time and she tried her first heavenly taste of chocolate. She was a pretty dainty eater, and only got "slightly" messy. Not the all out, cra-zazy messy we were hoping for. She also tried her first whole milk yesterday. She did not seem overly impressed.

Abigail came running out of her room last night, tooth in hand. She said "My tooth laid back on my tongue and I didn't like how it felt so I moved it. Then it was laying ON my tongue. And I took it out." Well, that was easy. She was SUPER excited that the tooth fairy would be visiting her that night. She did come, and she left a card and a dollar. Of course, Paul had to point out that he never got that much for a tooth. We are thinking first tooth is a dollar, and maybe 50 cents after that. I mean, the tooth fairy mentioned that. Is she cheap, or is that keeping up?

Now comes the question on whether it is time to wind down on nursing. With Abigail, I nursed for a year, and then slowly took about two months to wean. I figured I would do the same with Sadie. But Sadie seems so much more like a baby still to me. Abigail was one big chunk of girl at this age (and usually off the charts on weight and height) while Sadie has stayed just about average in the 50th percentile. She is totally healthy, just more "petite". She just "feels" like a baby still. I don't know....I will probably start to slow down soon. But then again, nursing gives me a chance to sit down for 15 minutes and watch tv. And how in the world would I know what a crazy hot mess Charlie Sheen is without those special nursing moments?

Wow, those sure are some milestones. It has been a busy, special week around our house! I'm sure there will be lots of pictures once Paul gets them on the computer. Oh yeah, he had his second hand surgery in the midst of all of this, so he's having some special moments of his own. Ah, these are the moments.

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Stacey said...

So many milestones... I can't believe how quickly time passes once you have little ones to care for! *SIGH*