Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now On a Lighter Note

I would like to share random Abigail-isms with you. She has had a lot to say lately, and some of it has been downright funny. The rest has been spoken in a high-pitched Princess voice (which is about equal to fingernails on a chalkboard when you hear it enough).

1. I'm not whining. I'm just talking in a whiney voice.

2. Mommy, have you ever eaten boogies? They are salty and good.

3. And my recent favorite: On our last night in Orlando, we ate at a super-yummy Brazilian restaurant. They served fried yucca with each meal, which is basically like french fries, only a little more bland tasting and in much need of vinegar, salt, or ketchup. The Brazilian owner kept pronouncing it yook-a, so we were all cultured saying, "Oh Abigail, try the YOOKA, it's like french fries. So good!"
To which she responded, "It's not said YOOKA, it's said FUH-YOOKA."
To which Paul responded, "Uh, nope. No, it's not."

I know it may be hard, but it's best to not bring these things up to Abigail. She doesn't know "what word it sounded like" when she said fuh-yooka, and it would just require explaining that I would rather not do when she is four. And she hates feeling laughed at (HATES IT), so let's just all have a good laugh while looking at the computer. And never speak of it again.

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