Monday, April 12, 2010

The Song Explains It

Okay, so I am going to cheat a little bit and write my thoughts on Mother's Day a month early. Because it is on my mind, so there. And if you go to church with me, you may very well hear these thoughts again.

I am scheduled to sing the special music on Mother's Day at church. If I remember correctly, I sang on that day last year, too. I always have kind of a hard time finding a good song for a Mother's Day special. So many of them seem like the saccharine-y mommy versions of "Butterfly Kisses." They are just a little too sappy for my taste. Yet, I still feel like I need to choose a song that somehow goes along with the day.

Yesterday, I was driving with the girls in the car, and heard a song on the radio that I had never heard. I actually only caught the last chorus before the song ended and went on to the next song, so I didn't even know the name of the song or who it was by. But I knew I had to find it to sing at church.

The reason I liked the song so much for a Mother's Day song is that it focused on the goodness of God in one's life. It was a simple testimonial of a person who could honestly say that through the good and the bad along life's way, God's been good.

When I had my first Mother's Day after having Abigail, I felt like I had reached a rite of passage. I wanted to celebrate like I had never celebrated anything in my life. I wanted that day to be as special as it possibly could be, because HEY EVERYBODY, I'M A MOM! It never occurred to me that the holiday may not be as welcome to some. Mother's Day the last two years looked different to me. After experiencing the loss of two pregnancies (and before finding out I was pregnant with Sadie), I felt more subdued to the day. I understood the joy of celebrating being a mommy to Abigail, but I felt the pain of the children who did not join our family. And I realized that there are many women who feel the same.

Maybe they could not have biological children. Maybe they have lost pregnancies. Maybe they have even felt the pain of losing their own mom, and miss celebrating that day with her.

Yet God is good. He comforts. He loves. He carries. He shows grace. He is patient through grief. He mourns with those who mourn, and rejoices with those who rejoice. And that is why I chose this song. For those who love, love, love Mother's Day. For those who dread it. For those who can't wait to celebrate it. For those who would rather skip the day altogether. God understands it all. The joy, the pain. He is so good.


MamaS said...

Who would have thought that you would be like your Mom when it comes to the sentimental stuff at Mother's Day? All the heavy stuff used get me all teared up...maybe because Grandma was in Arizona...or that someday, YOU would be all grown up and out of MY nest....Anyway, God is and has been always GOOD and I know he holds our future!

amypfan said...

Beautiful song, and I completely understand.

Stacey said...

I know you will bless others with your song. How I wish everyone felt as you do about Mother's Day. There are so many emotions wrapped up in that day for me, especially this year. God's been good -- even in the hard times!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts & song! Always love to hear you sing! I will listen a few more times & try not to cry on Mother's Day ; ) Angie