Monday, March 22, 2010

He Still Is

God is God, and He is good.

If you don't like the outcome of the healthcare bill. If you do. God is God, and He is good.

If people disappoint you, whether it is someone you are close to, or your government leadership. God is God, and He is good.

If you woke up on Monday morning, and it was gray and raining outside on the second day of Spring. God is God, and He is good.

If you feel like you have days that are spinning out of control around you, or you feel like you just may have a handle on things today. God is God, and He is good.

If you are cuddling your newborn baby, or if you are not sure that baby will ever come. God is God, and He is good.

If you are struggling to pay the bills, or if you are getting by just fine, God is a great provider. God is God, and He is good.

If your life doesn't look exactly the way you thought it would at this point, or if you are perfectly content with where you are right now. God is God, and He is good.

Some days are hard. Some days aren't. Whether the sun is shining outside or it rains, whether you know what today has in store for you, or it is about to throw you for a total loop. God is God, He is on His throne, and He is good. Always.


Stacey said...

Amen! One lesson I have learned is that it's not always easy to say that God is good in the hard times, but it is then that it means so very much. He's good all the time!

Anonymous said...

I'm caught up on post Sadie blogs! They were great! Good reminder of how Good God matter the circumstances! Love the one about the prayers for the girls! Jealousy has never been so sweet!

Sharon said...

Thank you for posting this. I am reading it at 3:48AM. Woke up frustrated with a lukewarm, uncaring, just about dead, church. I know he sent us here for a reason and I am sure it was not to close the doors of the church for good. I needed the reminder that God is good all the time even when it seems we are looking at a dead end brick wall. God made Joshua's wall fall down flat. God IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Thank you for the reminder.