Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a Muse

Aaaaand, September is over. Seriously, did it last about three days total? I mean, I realize I probably nap more than the average person, but since when have we started bridging the space/time continuum?

Not that I know anything about the space/time continuum. There are lots of things that just happen in this world that I don't understand. Like time zones. And the process a mail goes through at the post office. Ooooh, and how a fax machine works. That one really baffles me.

Anyway, it was a fun month. Here are some randoms of the coming and the going:
1. Abigail, for the most part, was really good this month. I mean, we have our moments, and she has been really clingy to me lately. But I don't feel like I have lived on the discipline train every day, which is often where I have a boxcar suite. It's been pretty nice. She's been agreeable. She is mostly obedient. Oh yeah, and usually I have to be within five feet of her. Seriously, when did this fun new phase of "don't let Mommy out of your sight" start?

2. Paul got a new laptop from the church. I mean, it is his, for church use. But when not in church use, we use it at home. And a friend gave us a wireless router, so we can now be online in our living room. This feels so freeing, like we don't have to be holed up in the office to check email, or my current addition, to play Farkle. And oh, the newness of a new's SO FAST.

3. I think October is going to be a super fun month. I have weekend trips for three weeks in a row. Super fun. Did I say those words already?

4. Oh, and pertaining to the new computer, I don't know if I am going blind, or officially in my 30s. Because I prefer the words on the computer screen to be the size of, say, ladybugs. I press ctrl+++ several times a day, until my computer looks like a large-print Guidepost. And I love it. And then I complain about my sciatica flaring up.

5. We have our ultrasound on Monday. I cannot believe we are to this point, and I am so ready. I don't really have a strong feeling either way, but I am kind of betting on girl. Let's just say, I would be less surprised by girl than boy, but so excited with either. I can honestly say I am neutral. But not like I want to buy all yellow and green neutral. Like neutral until I have the go-ahead to buy pink or blue.

6. Paul is currently talking with the kids at Awana for "Popcorn with the Pastor." I asked him what he was supposed to talk about. He said, "My favorite subject. Myself." And I totally thought that this is unfair and they need to have "Popcorn with the Pastor's Wife." Because I could tell stories. And I like popcorn.

Hmmmm. I think six things is all I'm good for today. I have high hopes for October. I'm pretty sure it is my favorite month of the whole year. It really is the kick-off of the holiday season, in my opinion. The changing leaves, the festivals, the late-night cups of hot chocolate, the switching over of the clothes from summer to fall.....LOVE IT. So, I'm sure October will be over in a blink less than September. And I will ponder things like how text messages are sent.....and where our world would be without satellites....and how people survived before crock pots....

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