Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At Least I Can Show You Pictures

I wish I had more to tell you today. Throughout the week (and trust me, I'd love to write more than one blog a week, but don't seem to currently have the material), I tend to think of cute little stories to share, or some truth of God or life that has been rolling around in my brain. But then I don't blog about it, and it's too quickly gone. I guess that is called pregnancy brain.

Do you know how bad pregnancy brain can be? Last night, I went out to a meeting, and realized I had forgotten to put on my eyeliner. As in, I did all of my other make-up application steps that I have been doing since, oh, 15 years old, and forgot one of my personal most important ones. Wow.

So, here is my life in pictures over the last few days and weeks. Enjoy. (There are others still sitting on the camera waiting to be uploaded....husband....but I guess sometimes he has things going on, too).

One of my two best friends from high school, Alison, got married. She was gorgeous.

I played Matron of Honor. Abigail played flower girl.

Alison gave Abigail four lip glosses with her flower girl gift. Abigail hid one of the lip glosses in her basket of flowers, and proceeded to plop down on the steps and apply lip gloss just as Alison was walking up the aisle.

This is me with the Maid of Honor, Megan, who rounded out our "best friend" threesome.

This is me with my handsome husband. We both agree that we look better in black and white.

Last week, we ate lunch out at the restaurant at the lake. Abigail was becoming quite the poser with her straw. Right before she blew milk bubbles all over the table and got her straw taken away.

A girl and her daddy by the lake. Again with the black and white.

My favorite kisses in the whole world. Unless my husband is reading this, in which case they are my second favorite kisses in the whole world.

We also had great fun a couple of weeks ago canoeing with friends. There is nothing quite so cute as seeing three little kids in life vests standing in a foot of water. But those pictures are still on the camera, so alas, will be on another blog. Maybe. Unless we forget, which is totally likely these days.

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Annie said...

I was blowing bubbles in my milk two days ago. I'm glad my mom wasn't there so I could get away with it =0). Also, those photos of you are gorgeous, Amy!