Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Recent Days

I feel like I should have some cute story to share, or something like a life lesson, or you know...something. I guess I will just share what has been going on inside the parsonage lately.

1. Abigail has adjusted beautifully to her big girl bed. Well, mostly beautifully. Now that she can get out of bed by herself, and we still have the two-heart rule, she acts impulsively, and uses both hearts within two minutes to hug Cammie goodnight...twice. Other than that, she has made the switch pretty seamlessly.

2. I have been reading our first "chapter" book to Abigail at her naptime and bedtime. We have The Wizard of Oz, as in the real story and not the movie version. She has seen the movie countless times, and knows most of the lines and songs by heart. But she has understood pretty well that the book is different than the, the slippers are silver, not ruby, and there are a ton of other characters that are not in the movie, like the Queen of the Field Mice, the Winkies (which are like those "oh-ee-oh" slaves from the movie, but look completely different), and the Witch of the North, which is a totally different person besides Glenda, who is also in the book. It has been fun to read a chapter at each bedtime with her, and not have some little board book that we get through in two minutes. I keep trying to understand the "deeper" meaning in the book. I need to read up on it, because I know vaguely that it had something to do with the worth of different metals, like the "silver" slippers, and the yellow brick road being bars of gold, etc. I keep wanting to find some deeper spiritual meaning in the story, and believe me, I'm reaching for it. I think there is something in me as a Christian that wants to tell Abigail, "See, the Wizard is God, and we are Dorothy, and blah, blah, blah." But I'm not sure it is there, and if it is, I'm really missing it. I really do think it was about capitalism or the price of silver versus iron or something. Oh well, it makes for a great bedtime story. Next, Paul plans to start the Narnia series with her.

3. We had our Ladies' Banquet at church last night. The theme was Roots and Wings, and it was a great time. I love helping to plan it with my friends, and my friend Elizabeth did a wonderful talk for us. My mom came, and she brought my "mom #2", Barb, who was my minister's wife as I was growing up. I loved having both of them there, even if we didn't get a chance to really have some deep conversation. My friend Angie said, "All you need is your Charlotte, and it would be your perfect evening." Oh, how right she is. That would be my top three for sure, of women who helped give me roots and wings.

4. Angie helped me weed and plant flowers at my house last week. And they are pretty, and I got dirty, and it was the best!

See? Four. That is the best I can do right now. Other than that, my days have just been, well, days. Not tons to tell, but they have been good. Let's see, I might have some photos to share with you. They are kinda random, but well, so is this blog post. Enjoy. ;)

Our Easter Diva. It's pretty hard to get a normal smile these days.

Family pic, including Baby Haley.

Abigail holding my friend Christianne's newest addition, Cameron.

Yes, we let her walk the town square like this. Leotard, black patent Mary Jane's, THE pink sparkly belt. Hey, you are only a three-year-old ballerina once. Why not flaunt it?


Lindsay said...

I honestly don't know a more beautiful little girl. Abigail is simply stunning. You were an awfully good-lookin' family on Easter, too! :)

I'm so glad Abigail adjusted well to her big-girl bed. We're trying to tie you for "child kept in a crib the longest". LOL! I figure as long as Ruby is happy and not trying to climb out, I'm not gonna rock the boat, or the cradle...

Anyway, it was nice to read this update. :) I would love to meet up with you and Abigail while we're here in Terre Haute for a while. Is there a day in the next couple of weeks that's good for you guys? Let us know!

Beth said...

Cute pictures!! And I really should start something with chapters for Annabelle...she would dig that, but I'm not sure Joey would sit still?? It's worth trying! My favorite book series my mom read to us was the Little House on the Prairie books. I think I played "pioneer" about every day as a kid!