Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Yes, She's Three

For the last two years of being on myspace on Abigail's birthday, I was very timely with getting a mushy, gushy birthday blog written of all of the amazing ways she had changed that year and how she lights up my life. I think that happened because until now her birthday was on a weekday, and we always celebrated on the closest weekend, therefore leaving the day of her birthday free to stay in our jammies all morning and type blogs. However, yesterday was her birthday, and it was on a busy, busy Sunday. So instead of being in our jammies, we had our Christmas cantata at church in the morning, my parents stayed for lunch and cake and presents, Abigail went down for a late nap, Mommy ran to WalMart to buy a cheeseball, the children's program was last night at church, and a refreshment reception was afterward (hence, the need for the cheeseball), complete with a visit from Santa. It was a very eventful birthday indeed.

If I were to have written a post yesterday, maybe it would have looked something like this:

Dear Abigail,
You have talked all year about "When I turn 3" and now it is finally here. What a big day for you! On every birthday you have, I try to remember the day you were born, and the days leading up to it. It does get harder to remember each year, at least vividly. I used to remember how it felt the first time I held you, the first time I nursed you, the first time I dressed you, the first time I changed your diaper. I guess it is a good thing we have pictures of those moments, because the memories aren't as fresh as they used to be. I think they are not as fresh because you are doing so much now, and I have brand-new memories of you almost on a daily basis!

You are getting more and more independent, wanting to do everything on your own, in your own timing. Sometimes this can be frustrating when we have places to go, but sometimes it is very rewarding, like watching you get dressed completely by yourself the other day, even putting on tights! Tights can be tough sometimes, and you just patiently worked away until you got them on. Daddy and I don't get to hold you nearly as much as we used to because you are always on the go. But I love that any time you trip, or if Cammie runs away from you, or you get hurt in any way, you come running to me, wanting me to hold you. Of course, I don't like that you get hurt, but I love those little moments to hold you in my arms, even if it is just to kiss it and make it better before you are off and running again.

You talk....a lot. I am always amazed at how early you began talking and how much you have to say. Things make sense to you that I don't think would normally make sense to someone your age. You figure things out, you tell stories, you sing beautiful songs. You are quite a ham, which makes me think you have a lot of your daddy's personality. But you are also gentle with your baby dolls and ultra-sensitive if you think you are getting laughed at (we are just laughing at what you said, not at you!). That is all your Mommy. I see so much of me as a little girl in you. I remember those feelings.

You are getting quite a sense of style, although it is not always appropriate for the situation. You often want to wear your swimsuit (even in December). You like anything that twirls and twirls and twirls. You compliment ladies all the time on their jewelry, their shoes, their can just see them perk up a little when you do that. You often will wear your fairy wings, your bridal veil, your tutu, and your necklaces and bracelets...and now your new ruby slippers...and look so beautiful. I must have known that when you were a year old, and we were shopping at Target that you were going to have good style. You would grab the sleeves of shirts as we passed by and say, "Oooh, toooot." Meaning, "Ooooh, cute." What a woman. You are girl to your very core.

I love to see you at Cubbies at church. You are learning new Bible verses and songs. You always remember who you learned about in Sunday School, so I know you really listened to your teacher. You pray for your friends. I know that you are growing to know and love Jesus more every day. That is the most that your Daddy and I could want for you.

Your daddy loves to make videos of you. It is probably one of his favorite pasttimes. I guess I will post the one that seems to encompass the whole of you the best. I love you, sweet baby. Remember that you are a big girl, but I always say, "But your mama's....." and you say, "Baby." Yes, you are.

And since that one only goes through your first two years, here is one more about you and Daddy:

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nickmal said...

She is something:)
She'll probably be
reading the letter
in its entirety by
her next birthday!