Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Amy the Hypocrite

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting for us, as we went down to southern IN on Monday night to stay with some friends at a cabin, and then got caught in the middle of the freezing rain on the way home yesterday. We made it 15 miles in four hours. After that small bit of insanity, we were blessed to get a phone call from our college friend, Sadee, who said we could crash at their house for the night and wait out the ice.

As we pulled into their driveway, we realized it was completely coated with ice. I was the first one out of the car and immediately started slip-slidin' away. But before I could slide far enough, the car that Paul had put in park and shut off started to roll backward down the driveway! I slid out of the way of the car, fell to my knees, and crawled to the grass. Paul got the car under control and parked it on the street. What a visual, I know.

We had a nice, cozy night with our friends, and then headed home today. Needless to say, getting home at noon on Christmas Eve was not exactly in our plans, but it worked fine. Also, I was starting to get that overwhelming feeling of "I need to be alone or I am about to turn ugly." Being in the car far too many hours does that to me.

We got home, I did some stuff around the house, and as I am trying to get the eggs out of the fridge to make my cinnamon pecans, our leftover paella from the other night (rice, oh yes), spilled all over the floor. And I screamed. Yes, folks, your dear Amy threw a fit right there in front of the fridge. I had had my fill. Unfortunately, as I am trying to scream and clean up paella at the same time, the lasagna started to spill out of the fridge. It stayed in it's container, though. Then, the sour cream container spilled out of the fridge. And my screams grew louder and uglier. Then, Abigail is yelling, "YOU CAN'T SCREAM!!" Then she is crying. It was a sight to behold, and it is all because I lost it.

It is hard for me to tell Abigail not to scream when she gets frustrated (which she does...often), if I lose my cool over some spilled rice. I told her how sorry I was that I screamed, and that I did it because I was frustrated. I said that it isn't pretty when I scream and I shouldn't do it. (For the record, I don't know if she has ever seen me "throw a fit") She told me she thought that the food hurt me. So we are sitting on the kitchen floor, laughing and crying all at the same time. What a day.

Paul took her upstairs to play hide 'n seek so I could collect myself. I think I just need some alone time. Some me and Jesus time, for sure. Some nap time. It has been a long couple of days. Here's to hoping that Christmas morning, I will wake up in the happiest of moods. :)


Lindsay said...

I'll be praying for you tonight, sweet friend! Merry Christmas!

MamaS said...

Welcome to the world of all of the imperfect moms ! We do our best, we ask God's guidance, we succeed, and we mess up. Talking to Abigail about it was was a teaching moment and some day, she will remember that HER mom had an imperfect moment and life still went on. Love you, sweetie! (Imperfect such as your mom hitting her head on the pointy corner of the island hood in Paris...You DO remember...Aha!)

debra said...

Funny thing... I did the same thing yesterday. Well, maybe not with rice and maybe not on the kitchen floor but I "lost my temper" on the phone with my mom right in front of Kolt (long story). Anyway so I got the joy of telling him I was disrespectful and that it was wrong. I guess its not only our reactions but the actions beyond that that teach our kids. I am glad to have him watching me sometimes when I mess up, he makes me realize that i need to apologize (like yesterday) or pray about it.