Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh my GaGa

Last night, I was holding a feverish Sadie in my lap and Abigail and I were watching "The Sing-Off" on tv. If you have not seen this show (and this was my first time), you have got to watch this Wednesday. It showcases acapella groups from around the country performing all kinds of amazing hits. I'm in love.

One of the groups was a group of fifteen guys called On the Rocks from Oregon. They performed the tightest, sassiest version of "Bad Romance" by Lady GaGa, and it rocked. We've been humming the song since then, and had said several times that those guys did a great job singing Lady GaGa.

So today, Abigail told me that her teacher Miss Karmen asked her what her favorite song was. Her reply? "I told her Lady GaGa." Awesome. Lady GaGa is quite a performer, but I kind of lean toward the thinking that my almost-five-year-old is better off listening to Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies.

Paul and I explained (after a good laugh) to Abigail that Lady GaGa is not a song, but a singer. A singer who has fun songs, but is pretty weird. And likes to wear dresses made of raw meat.
After showing her pictures of Miss GaGa and her outlandish clothes, including the meat dress, Abigail said, "Gross. She needs to take a shower."

I told her to stick with the music she knows when her teacher asks her next time.

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