Tuesday, October 26, 2010


When Reese Witherspoon received her Academy Award for the portrayal of June Carter Cash in the movie Walk the Line (hands down one of my favorites....one I will never pass up along with Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory and Dead Poet's Society), she said a quote that the original June was known for...."I'm just tryin' to matter."

I have to say, I remember pretty much 0.0 of any award acceptance speeches I have heard, but this one stuck, and I have thought of that quote over and over again. I love it. It probably would not rank up there as the most eloquent speech or the most self-assured, confident thought process. It could be seen as very humble or "fake humble", depending on the attitude of the person saying it.

There are days when it feels like you did nothing of great significance. Nothing that will have a movie made about your life, for sure. There are days here when I just do the usual...fold the laundry, balance the checkbook, nurse the baby, read to Abigail, make some dinner. Nothing stands out. Then there are days when I feel like, maybe if just for a moment, something important happened.....something worth marking on Sadie's calendar, typing out a blog, storing in my memory, giving Abigail high-fives over.

I know that as a follower of Christ, I am "more than a conqueror." I know that I am adopted, forgiven, redeemed. I know I have the opportunity to serve, love, forgive, encourage, teach, admonish, and edify in the name of my Savior. I know I am who God says I am. And that is enough for my heart to burst.

But I also know, in the most simple terms, that I agree with Ms. June Carter Cash. There is nothing wrong with "tryin' to matter." I pray this for my girls at night, among other blessings spoken over them, big dreams for their little lives. I pray for them to live lives of significance. Lives that matter. A life well-lived. Because it may be a simple prayer, but it is true....we all are just tryin' to matter.

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Stephanie said...

Oh, Amy. This was a blessing to my soul tonight Devo today was about confidence in the Lord. Thanks for sharing!