Friday, August 13, 2010

All By Myself

Today, I had the pleasure of a little time for Amy, and it got me thinking of what I do during those sweet times. Sometimes I still have Sadie around, but she is usually pretty quiet and cuddly. Paul had Abigail out swimming for a few hours. Here is the list of Amy-time happenin's:

1. Sometimes I do all kinds of necessary, boring things. Fold laundry. Balance the checkbook (got it done today.....zzzzzzzz). Catch up the dishes.
2. I make important phone calls. Health insurance claims. Medical bills. Why the heck is our cable bill so high this month? You know, those kind of calls.
3. I text my friend Angie about how much more fun it would be if we were hanging out together.
4. I grocery shop at 10:30 at night because it is easy and quiet. And I am all about the easy and the quiet.
5. When I'm in the car all alone and flipping through songs on the radio, I stop and listen to Ke$ha sing "Your Love is My Drug." Hey, I think she sounds like a drunk sorority girl, but that chorus is so stinkin' catchy. And sometimes a Mommy just needs to hear a song like that...a stupid, annoying, catchy song.

And you come home with a little spring in your step (and try to refrain from singing "Your Love is My Drug" while feeding your baby).
Here's to a little alone time this weekend! Enjoy!


Lindsay said...

My. Favorite. Post. (of yours) Ever.

:) Glad to call you my friend!!

Stephanie said...

Number five makes me smile. :) Lindsay is keeping Caleb this week, and I'm not sure what to do with myself. However, you have inspired me to find a good country station and find the song "Rain is a Good Thing" annoying catchy song. :) Thanks for making me smile today!

mama S said...

My favorites were to go strawberry picking (you and Jason hated it) and to Poole's. One time a friend saw me at the Medical Clinic and asked me if I was sick...being a smart aleck, I said," No, really, I just wanted to go someplace to read People magazine and the neighbor will always babysit for the clinic visit. He just stared at me! ;>D