Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nobody Here but Us Chickens

Daddy is gone this week. He is being a World Changer with our youth group from church in Charleston, West Virginia. It's been a while since he has been away from us for an extended amount of time, so I'm trying to think of all kinds of fun, creative things for Abigail and me to do this week.

Fun and creative like...today I scrubbed my kitchen floor. And bathroom floor. And folded laundry. I know you're thinking, Wow, Amy, can you give me fun lessons, too?

Then Abigail noticed the four chairs to the kitchen table in the living room from my floor-scrubbing party, and asked if she could make a tent. I said, "Sure, go ahead. Use the blankets on the couch." She and Paul have made tents several times in the living room, draping every loose blanket in the house over the chairs and then hiding out inside.

When I finished scrubbing, I noticed the trouble she was having getting the blankets to stay on top of the chairs. She looked at me, frustrated, and said, "Is Daddy home YET?"

Well. I guess only Daddy has the distinct expertise in throwing afghans over chairs. What an engineer he must be. She knows where the party's at.....and it usually lies in Daddy.

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Beth said...

Hang in there. Frank's always the party around here, too. I'm fine for 2 or 3 days without him, but more than that usually makes me a grumpy momma. Something about those daddies...

Off the subject, I was thinking it would be fun to meet at Deming some morning or afternoon sometime and hang out. What do you think?